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"Generations" Power of the Primes Rodimus.

Rodimus Prime speaks with the savvy of a seasoned veteran. He can be hot-headed at times—he has a tendency to act first and ask questions later. Rodimus Prime’s sole purpose is to protect all life. Abilities: He possesses acute military prowess. Rodimus Prime is an expert tactician with exceptional maneuverability in battle. 23/02/2014 · Rodimus Prime - Transformers Masterpiece - Toy Gallery Page 2is a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, and movies. Popular features include daily news, toy galleries, a message board, a podcast, and more than meets the eye! With the Matrix of Leadership, Autobot Hot Rod becomes leader of the Autobots: Rodimus Prime. Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Leader Class figures are 9-inch-scale figures that come with a Matrix accessory and converting Evolution Armor. Use the Evolution Armor to evolve this figure from Autobot Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime. Product. Complete Transformers collector resource including toys, news, reviews, events, instructions, forum, and more. Transformers Generations Evolution Rodimus Prime -Lukis Bros Transformers Collector Site. This toy's alternate mode is based on the Dome Zero concept car, but hot-rodded with the character's signature engine, exhaust pipes, and spoiler. Also note that this toy was actually labelled "Rodimus Prime," and not "Rodimus Convoy" or "Hot Rodimus" as is his official name in Japan.

Rodimus with Optimus Prime: Major size different. The next Masterpiece Optimus Prime MP-10 will be more closely sized to Rodimus. Rodimus with Starscream: Masterpiece Rodimus Prime is more accurate to the G1 toy than the Takara version but sadly doesn't include the trailer for Rodimus Prime's winnebago mode. But as a toy, Hot Rod is easy to transform and is good for kids to play with. It can roll and is very posable. It can connect with Combiner Wars Prime and Motormaster, but it will fall off with a little play. Newer versions of Prime and Motormaster may have adjusted the pegs for a better fix. Hot Rod, Rodimus, Rodimus Prime: Additional Toy Info. An "Evolution Leader", Rodimus Prime is formed from a smaller "Hot Rod" car robot, who combines with his trailer to become Rodimus Prime. The figure includes a Matrix, which the core can detach from and interchange with other Prime Masters.

If you can manage that, adeptly, Rodimus is pretty cool. He is very posable and impressive to look at. The versatility of this toy to go between Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime is impressive. The likeness to the cartoon version is very accurate. Overall I really enjoy this toy, but seeing how fragile he is, not sure he was worth $150.00. The trailer part becomes a battle station, while the front-part becomes the figure. Rodimus is made mostly out of hard plastic and has very few interesting details. He stand taller then the toy-figure version of Optimus Prime. What I can say is Rodimus Prime's robot mode is the most humanistic of the Transformers I have seen. Rodimus Convoy Transformers Pullstring T-01, 1986 Pullstring vinyl statue of Rodimus Convoy with 4 japanese phrases. Rodimus Prime Heroes of Cybertron, 2003 Stateside release of the Super Collection Figure Act 2 figure with light piping added to the mold. Rodimus Convoy Transformers My Clone AS-4, 2003. Rodimus Prime is more than just a high ranking Autobot officer, and he doesn't need a badge to prove it! He is extremely popular amongst some of his fellow Autobot brethren, and has mastered several different combat skills, such as servo-to-servo combat. The Transformers line of toys from Hasbro that debuted in 1984 is one of the most successful toy franchises in the history of toys; and yet, it only began after a failed attempt by the Japanese company Takara to bring the same basic toys to the market in the United States in the early 1980s.

08/09/2010 · Transformers Masterpiece MP-09 Rodimus Prime by Takara Tomy features Rodimus Prime as he appeared in the original G1 Transformers movie! Includes trailer cab that opens to reveal a battle station, saw blade attachment, welding tool attachment and two Photon Laser Hand guns that combine to form Rodimus large laser rifle! Rodimus.

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