Pain After Neuroma Surgery //
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The disadvantage of this procedure is that there is a risk for permanent numbness in the affected toes. Moreover, there is a higher chance for neuroma to reoccur. The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia with an local anesthetic injection in the foot for pain relief after the surgery. The risk and complication rate of surgery is only 15-20%.75-85 % of cases of this condition improve completely after surgery. However, surgical treatment of Morton’s neuroma can relieve the pain but it leaves a permanent loss of sensation that is numbness in the affected area.

Chronic Pain After Surgery/Trauma Foot Pain/Failed Morton’s Neuroma Surgery videos. January 14, 2019. Dr. Tollestrup Helps Patient with Morton’s Neuroma Pain Through Nerve Surgery Stuart endured several botched surgeries for his Morton's Neuroma. Then he found Dr. Tim Tollestrup who reduced his foot. It can even be difficult to localize the exact position of your pain after surgery! Post Morton’s neuroma surgery pain can be due to a stump neuroma, nerve degradation, scar tissue or another post surgical complication. For more information on pain after Morton’s neuroma surgery “post neurectomy pain. Surgery is performed when non-invasive approaches, such as corticosteroid injections, fail to relieve the foot pain and debilitation that result from Morton's neuroma 2. Recovery times from the surgery vary from individual to individual but can take months. Not following post-operative instructions will lead to a prolonged recovery time. Recovery.

While there are several causes of forefoot pain, Morton’s neuroma remains one of the most common causes. People with neuroma often get frustrated because they take a long time to become pain-free and sometimes require surgery. Six Months After Surgery. By this point, most patients will have returned to work and have most, if not all, activity restrictions lifted. Some patients will still experience lingering side effects during this phase following acoustic neuroma surgery, such as vision or hearing problems, dizziness, headache or facial muscle weakness. The surgery has an over all high rate of success, however, as with any surgery complications can occur. Possible complications include infection, excessive swelling, and delays in healing or continued pain. Also when a nerve is cut there is a small possibility that the nerve may grow abnormally producing a stump neuroma.

An incision will be made above the neuroma on the top of the foot. The damaged nerve is then identified and removed, a process called neurectomy. Recovery after Nerve Surgery. After the operation, we will dress the surgical site with gauze; this dressing stays in place until the first post-operative visit. At that time, the gauze is replaced. The problems I'm having now are worse than before surgery. I'm still getting the sharp pains in feet and toes and I get them even when elevated Which I didn't have before. My consultant has discharged me and basically said it could b something unrelated so I will need to see GP again. Anyone else had this and did the problem go away after time. Surgery takes less than 1 hour in most cases and can be done at an outpatient level. This is performed under local anesthesia with monitored local anesthetic care. Usually, Morton Neuroma surgery patients are in a surgical shoe for 2-4 weeks depending on how well healing is going. Returning to a regular shoe after surgery in 2-6 weeks is typical.

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